Graham County’s 25th COVID-19 death is on San Carlos Apache reservation

- David Bell Graph/Gila Valley Central

SAFFORD — Graham County experienced its 25th death related to COVID-19 over the weekend.

Graham County Health Department reported that the death occurred Friday on the San Carlos Apache reservation and involved a person over the age of 65.

That brings the county’s total number of COVID-19 related deaths to 25.

There were also 10 new cases reported over the weekend — four Friday and three each Saturday and Sunday. Six of the cases were in Safford, two on the San Carlos Apache reservation and one each in Pima and Thatcher.

That brings Graham County’s total to 821, with 125 of the cases considered active.

Greenlee County had a weekend free of new cases, and is currently on Day 4 without a positive coronavirus test.

Greenlee County Health Department reports the county’s total is at 59, with one cases active and two deaths.