Graham County extends SRO agreement with Fort Thomas schools

SAFFORD — “This is a wonderful example of a partnership,” Graham County Supervisor Paul David said Monday in introducing an extension of the agreement between Graham County and Fort Thomas Unified School District to provide a Sheriff’s deputy to serve as a school resource officer.

The school district is in the second year of a three-year grant that will provide $75,000 for officer, with the grant requiring renewal of the agreement each year.

Deputy Rose Lacy will again serve as the school resource officer for the 2022-23 school year.

“Rose does a very good job; Fort Thomas schools have been very happy with her,” said County Manager Dustin Welker. “She provides, not only, security and law enforcement to Fort Thomas schools, but she also runs a program that the state provides to help with truancy amongst the students and any problems that they have. Basically, she counseling and support for the students and the admin staff, and does a very good job.”

The agreement also allows Lacy to respond to non-school calls in the area, giving an increased law enforcement presence in the Fort Thomas area.

The board voted unanimously to extend the agreement.