Gila Idol Round 4 tonight at Sara’s Bull Pen

Thirteen contestants are set to compete in the fourth round of the Gila Idol preliminaries tonight at 6:30 p.m. at Sara’s Bull Pen – 921 W Thatcher Blvd in Safford. You must be 21 or older to be admitted. Three contestants will be selected as finalists for the Gila Idol final competition on Friday, March 29th. An alternate and several callbacks will also be selected.

Contestants for tonight’s preliminary include:

  1. Kenny Bozwell
  2. Traci Chamberlin
  3. Keith Moore
  4. Kellen Lambson
  5. Sterling Newton
  6. Shauna Coleman
  7. Fulton Herreras
  8. Rachel East
  9. Christina Encina
  10. Victor Dominguez
  11. Charles Clark
  12. Angelica Ayon
  13. Sherri McCurdy

Judges for tonight’s competition:

2008 Winner – Adam Crohn
2017 Winner – Darryn Kamae
2018 Winner – Pete McCormick


2018 Winner Pete McCormick
2012 Winner Ethan McBride

Results for tonight’s competition will be posted on the GilaIdol page.