Thatcher Superintendent is still being cautious about team travel

Yesterday afternoon Thatcher School Superintendent, Dr. Kevin Spiller, posted this on the school district’s social media page:

This is a message to our parents and fans.

In a phone conference this morning, we were told by the AIA that the state tournament would proceed in Prescott as scheduled. This was after many attempts by school districts to try and suggest alternative venues in Phoenix or quite frankly anywhere safer for our student athletes, coaches, staff, parents, and fans. We were told that it was not an option to go anywhere but Prescott based on logistical concerns. In addition, we were advised that if ADOT closed a route and a team could not make it to Prescott, they would have to forfeit.

With that being said, after communicating with two meteorologist in Phoenix, we devised the following plan. Our team will travel to Northern Phoenix Thursday and spend the night there. Friday morning, we will travel to Prescott after ADOT has had the opportunity to clear the roads and deem them safe. They both felt it would be safe by mid morning Friday to travel to Phoenix for a 6 pm contest. We can take our time and ease our way into Prescott. The worst time to travel to Prescott is Thursday.

We feel as though with the weight of our buses and the improving conditions on Friday, it will allow us to get our team and coaches to Prescott safely. However, if we wake up on Friday and ADOT advises us not to travel to Prescott, we will not.

Another concern we have is for our parents and fans. We have the greatest fans in Arizona and we know you plan to support our basketball team. The same meteorologists advised that Friday might be tough traveling for those leaving Thatcher. They say there is a good chance wintry conditions will make travel dangerous from Thatcher to Phoenix. Therefore, if at all possible we encourage you to get as far as Phoenix on Thursday ahead of the system.

This is not a position we wanted to be placed in by the AIA. We will do everything within our power to get our buses there safely. However, we do worry about our parents and fans and implore you to take precautions and be safe if you travel to Prescott.

Pima High School traveled to Prescott on Wednesday night thanks to the generosity of the Town of Pima.

As of Thursday morning there was nearly 7 inches of snow on the ground in the Prescott area with snow in the forecast for the next 24 hours.