Few new COVID-19 cases in Graham, on the rez

SAFFORD — Graham County experienced just four new cases of COVID-19 Wednesday.

That’s according to Graham County Health Department, which announced the new cases Wednesday evening. It’s the 16th day this month that cases have been in single digits or less.

The county’s total is at 702, with 303 cases considered active, 377 recovered and 22 deaths.

The San Carlos Apache Tribe also reported low numbers of positive tests Wednesday, with just five new cases.

The tribe has a total of 768 cases, with 119 of those cases considered active, 637 recovered and 12 deaths.

Peridot has seen most of the cases, with 252 positives and five deaths, while Bylas has had 208 positive cases.

Greenlee County is on Day 20 without a new coronavirus case.

Greenlee County Health Department reports the county’s total is holding at 58, with just three cases still active, 53 recovered and two deaths.