EAC to extend spring break an additional week for students and move the majority of instruction to remote learning

THATCHER, Ariz. — Based on recommendations from public health officials, Eastern Arizona College (EAC) has implemented the following measures to help slow the spread of COVID-19:

  • Spring break for students, which was scheduled from March 16 through March 20 has been extended through March 27.
  • Where feasible, the majority of instruction will move to distance learning when classes begin on Monday, March 30. Students with course schedules that entirely allow for remote delivery are encouraged to stay home to complete their coursework.
  • Courses requiring “hands-on” instruction, such as labs, performance- and technical-based classes, and healthcare clinical training, will continue in person when students return to campus on March 30. These courses will be modified to encourage small groups and to enable social distancing recommendations.
  • Faculty will communicate directly with students regarding the delivery of course material. Faculty and staff will return to campus on March 23, and distance education staff will be available to work with students. Students are encouraged to check their Monster Mail accounts for important updates.
  • All campus locations will remain open and continue operations. All necessary services for students will remain available, including campus housing, food services, academic library, computer labs, and all student services.
  • Events or large-group gatherings of 50 or more people will be canceled through the end of the semester. This includes large concerts, theater productions (including Children’s Theater), and all intercollegiate athletic events.
  • Students who are ill are encouraged to stay home, especially if they have come into contact with someone infected by the COVID-19 virus. They are responsible for communicating with instructors as soon as possible, and will be responsible for completing any work they might miss, including assignments, quizzes, and exams.

“The health and safety of our students, faculty, and staff is our top priority,” stated EAC President Todd Haynie. “We know this is a great deal of information to process and we will provide ongoing support to enable our students to be successful in spite of this challenge. Our campuses will remain accessible to our students, and we will address this growing concern together.”

EAC will continue to monitor the situation and will provide instruction and updates as appropriate on the College website http://www.eac.edu/covid-19.shtm and through other official channels. Decisions will be based solely on official reports from the CDC, the Arizona Department of Health Services, and the Graham County Health Department.