EAC Foundation podcast Hank’s Place debuts Monday

Dr. David Lunt and Lendon "Wheat" Whetten will join host Ryan Rapier, right, for the first two episodes of the Hank's Place podcast from the Eastern Arizona College Foundation. - Contributed Photo

THATCHER — On Monday, the Eastern Arizona College Foundation wants everyone to check out Hank’s Place.

“We’re kicking off an EAC alumni . . . foundation podcast,” said the foundation’s Ryan Rapier. “And the purpose behind the podcast — it’s called Hank’s Place — is that we want to reach out and connect with alumni . . . from the timeframe of about 1980 to 2000.”

The podcast will update alumni on what’s happening at the college now, as well as speak with alumni about their time at the college and how their EAC experience helped shape their lives.

The first two episodes will be a two-parter, with Rapier speaking with Dr. David Lunt and Lendon “Wheat” Whetten.

“EA is a special place,” Rapier said. “When you get into community colleges, I just don’t believe there’s a lot of places like EAC; a place that is special in the hearts and the minds of the people who went there the way that EAC is.”

The first episode of Hank’s Place will be available for download at www.gilavalleycentral.net.