College Board OKs new CDL program, new HVAC program coming soon

The Graham County Community College Governing Board listens to a presentation on a new CDL program by Dr. Susan Wood, vice president of academic and student affairs, during Thursday's board meeting. - Contributed Photo

THATCHER — Eastern Arizona College President Todd Haynie said that a number of projects and new educational opportunities are on tap to benefit students and the community.

“In spite of the pandemic, in spite of COVID-19, we have not slowed down. We continue to move forward and work very hard here at the college; all of us,” he told the Graham County Community College governing board on Thursday.

The board approved a new commercial driver’s license (CDL) program and Haynie said a new heating, ventilation and air conditioning program will soon come before the board as well.

“These programs and many others will bring much-needed skills to employers, and needed to jobs to potential employees,” he said. “And we continue to explore other areas, and develop other partnerships that will benefit not just our students, but also the communities that we serve.”

Haynie added that campus improvements are continuing to move forward, including the renovation of the alumni library, the repair and improvements to the gymnasium, and renovations to Mark Allen Hall, which will be followed by improvements to other student living facilities.

He also praised the new Gila Hank Café, and touted the success of the college’s first intercollegiate E-sports team, which went 1-1 in the team’s first match Tuesday.