Child hit by van at Safford Middle School

Safford Police were dispatched to Safford Middle School, to investigate an accident where a small child received minor injuries from a vehicle backing up to the Middle School kitchen entrance on Wednesday, June 26th.

The investigating Officer was told by witnesses that the driver of a delivery van, working for the Middle School and for the free lunch program, was backing up to the kitchen door and was returning the van that was used to deliver free lunches to other locations through-out Safford and Thatcher.

When the driver of the van was backing up, she felt that she might have bumped something and stopped and got out of the van, to see what might have happened.

She got out and saw that she had struck a small male child.  Immediately, the people involved took the child into the Middle School cafeteria and an ambulance was flagged down.

During the examination by the ambulance crew, it was found that the child was suffering from “road rash” from the asphalt and the tire.  The injury was on the child’s right ankle.

The child was taken and treated at the Mount Graham Regional Medical Center Emergency Room and was released later the same day.

No further action was taken.