Chamber to begin process of determining area’s identity

SAFFORD — The Graham County Chamber of Commerce wants 2021 to head in a positive direction, and to do that the chamber will begin a series of community meetings to determine the branding for the area.

“We’re going through our branding process where we say, ‘Why do you love living here? Why does your family visit you here? When you’ve met tourists, what do they say about our area?’ That’s kind of first meeting,” said Chamber Executive Director Vance Bryce.

The second meeting will focus on designs for marketing, while the third meeting will see participants choose a logo and slogan.

The chamber is being assisted by Local First Arizona, which concentrates on driving retail purchases, as well as business-to-business activity, to be conducted as locally as possible.

Dates for the meetings have not yet been determined, but Bryce said he expects the first meeting to take place in January.

To get more information about how to participate, go to