Alleged stolen vehicle found in towing yard

A Graham County Sheriff’s deputy was dispatched to a residence south of Safford last Wednesday morning in reference to the report of a stolen vehicle. The reporting party told the deputy that he had come home from work at approximately 7:00 p.m. Tuesday evening and did not leave his house the rest of the night. Sometime during the night, the man said that his vehicle was stolen.

The deputy asked if anyone else had keys to the car or permission to drive it. The man said that nobody had keys except for him and his wife. The deputy asked if the man had any idea where his vehicle might be. The man said that he had tracked it to an address on Main Street in Pima. The deputy pointed out that the address was a towing yard and asked if the vehicle could have been repossessed. The man admitted to being late on some payments and said that he didn’t know if it had been repossessed.

The deputy called the towing company and asked why they had the vehicle. The towing company said that another deputy had the vehicle towed the night before from a cotton field in Solomon. Apparently, the vehicle had been found wrecked in a cotton field with damage to the bumper. The vehicle was locked with no signs of forced entry or damage to the ignition.

The deputy issued the man a stolen vehicle affidavit and warned him that if he signed the form and authorities found out that he was lying to them, he would be facing false information charges. The deputy told the man that he could pick up his vehicle from the towing yard.