Woman gets arrested and friend’s truck impounded while appearing for drug/alcohol testing

Contributed Photo/Courtesy GCSO: Shana Masterson was arrested and cited for driving without an interlock device when she borrowed a firend's truck to take a mandatory drug/alcohol screening for her probation.

By Jon Johnson


SAFFORD – Those who have been found guilty of driving under the influence who must have an ignition interlock device in their vehicle may not drive another person’s vehicle that doesn’t contain the device.

Shana Masterson, 51, found that out the hard way when she was arrested and her friend’s truck impounded when she was seen behind the wheel after she provided a urine sample for analysis June 16.

Masterson was previously found guilty of DUI and possession of a dangerous drug in separate instances in 2016.

According to a Safford Police report, a probation officer noticed Masterson pull up in a truck that he didn’t believe she owned and park in the Safford City Hall parking lot. The officer knew Masterson had an interlock requirement and didn’t think the truck would have one installed since it wasn’t hers. An interlock device makes users provide a breath sample before allowing a vehicle’s ignition to be engaged. If the presence of alcohol is detected, the vehicle won’t start.

The probation officer informed Safford Police of the situation and an officer soon arrived at the scene. The officer then witnessed Masterson return to the truck and begin to drive away. The officer the initiated a traffic stop.

Masterson allegedly told the officer that her vehicle was currently inoperable and she didn’t even think about the interlock requirement when she borrowed her friend’s truck.

Masterson was arrested, given a citation for driving without an interlock device and released. Additionally, probation violation charges were forwarded to the Graham County Attorney’s Office. The truck was removed by Nuttall’s Towing and impounded.