Woman alleged to have stolen another’s stimulus money

SAFFORD — A woman was cited for theft after allegedly taking another person’s coronavirus stimulus money.

On May 11, Safford Police responded to the theft call from a residence on 2nd Avenue, and made contact with Belinda Chance. The victim claimed Chance took the victim’s money and would not return it.

Chance initially denied taking the money before changing the story to taking the money to keep it safe. When and officer accompanied Chance to Chance’s room to retrieve the money, Chance said she didn’t remember where it was.

The officer left when the victim initially declined to press charges, but officers returned to the residence later that same day when Chance was reportedly creating a disturbance by yelling at the victim. This time, the victim agreed to press charges and Chance was taken into custody.

While being booked into the Graham County Jail, Chance reportedly smashed her head into a security class window, causing bleeding from her forehead. She was taken to Mt. Graham Regional Medical Center for treatment, and cited for theft.