Wet weather causes headaches for motorists

By Jon Johnson


GRAHAM COUNTY – The wet weather and accumulated snow pack in the higher parts of the state and southwest last week are a welcome respite to the 20-year drought, but those in the snowy regions had trouble getting about, and locally the rain caused problems for motorists as well.

Graham County deputies were dispatched to the area of Safford/Bryce Road and N. Marshall Lane at about 10:52 p.m. on Jan. 20 after it was reported that someone had struck a utility pole.

Upon arrival, deputies located a number of people attempting to remove a white, 1997 Ford Explorer from a field. The passenger side of the Explorer was damaged with both windows on that side broken. There was also broken pieces of the utility pole on the ground. The collision apparently caused the circuit to go dead.

The driver of the SUV wasn’t injured and reported that it appeared only half of his brakes were working. He said he went for a drive to see how the weather was to decide about working overtime the following day when the mechanical malfunction and weather added together to cause him to slide into the utility pole. There were no indications of alcohol use from the driver.

The SUV was towed to the driver’s residence by Nuttall’s Towing and the Graham County Electric Cooperative repairs the utility pole and line.

Stuck in muck near river

1-25-17 Weather gives headaches to motorists

Deputies were called to assist a motorist Jan. 21 at about 7:08 p.m. after a vehicle became stuck in saturated ground near the Gila River west of Pima.

Upon arrival, the deputy located a white vehicle stuck in the sand on top of a log with two women and two juveniles inside. The driver said after they got stuck and it became dark, they got worried and called for help. She said the vehicle had been stuck for multiple hours.

Due to the time of night and the muddy conditions, the deputy wasn’t able to pull the car out but he gave the stranded occupants a ride back to U.S. Highway 70, where family members were waiting for them. The deputy also gave the driver a map and coordinates of the vehicle so they could return in better conditions to retrieve it.