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Please read the stories submitted about outstanding mothers and vote for the one you think deserves the prize.

Mom #1:

This mom’s children shared their thoughts about why she deserved to win:

Child 1 (Age14): Because she is fun and takes me on fun ranger rides. She is also the best mom in the world.

Child 2 (Age 13): She is super kind and inspiring. She also is super smart and productive and also has a lot of patience. She even has 8 kids to deal with! That is a lot of kids. And there’s only one of her and a huge house. I know I could never. And in all she is a wonderful person

Child 3 (Age 11): Mom has been our mom for so many years and I will never not love her! She gives me stuff.

Child 4 (Age 11): She is the best. She feeds us, takes care of us, and she loves us and we love her. And she is fun.

Child 5 (Age 9): She’s kind, and she is the best mom because she takes care of us, and that’s why she is the best mom in the world

Child 6 (Age 9): She supports us, and she takes good care of us, and umm she makes us dinner.

Child 7 (Age 6): She is smart, she is beautiful, I like her, she is a nice person.

Child 7 (Age 6): Cause I love her and, I don’t know…she is just awesome!

All: And we love her

Mom #2:

I am nominating my mom because when I was little and I was her foster kid, she made me feel welcome in our home. She is so loving and helpful. She is the life and the joker in our family. When CPS called my parents to get my brothers, they wanted to split them up but my mom and dad did not want them split up. My mom said, “Those boys cannot be split up.” I love my mom she is the best mom, my favorite mom.

Mom #3:

My mom is my hero and my role model. My mom has taken care of her parents while they’ve been in hospice. Since my grandmother passed away, it’s been harder for her to find time for herself with my grandfather living with us on hospice. She not only takes care of her household, but also takes care and tends to my grandfather’s house to reassure my grandfather. His yard, plants, home, and dogs are taken care while he isn’t doing so well.

My mom is a very hard working woman and dedicated to making sure her family is taken care of. She works night shifts and sleeps very little but still gets up with just a few hours of sleep to cook breakfast for my daughter and grandfather. My mother also helps take care of my child while I’m at work.

My mother is just one of kind. Sometimes I feel as if my mother doesn’t get the credit she deserves working so hard.

Mom #4:

My mom is the best! A couple years ago, she threw her back out at work and she had to stop working. Her injury never stopped her from spending time with us, even though she was in a lot of pain. She never stopped taking us to the park or the pools or taking us up the mountain do the lakes or rivers. Despite the pain she was in, she would help me practice so I could get better in soccer. She helped my sister with her gymnastics so she could get better at that. You could see it in her face and in her eyes it hurt her so much.

Even now she’s in a lot of pains but she never stops. She decided she was going to go back to work to give us more of what we want in life and not just what we need.

She takes care of me and my sister and my dad. She even helps take care of my two cousins, and her God kids. I have the best mom in the world. She looks out for me and makes sure that I know what I need to do in life.
She teaches us to cook clean and be ready for the world. We don’t just get to sit there and play video games. She spends time with us playing games and going on outings, even though she’s tired and in pain from her injury.

She’s the best mom in the world and I hope one day she knows how much she means to me.

Mom #5:

My mom is the strongest, most big-hearted woman I’ve ever known. She raised 6 kids all on her own and still continues to do so. She puts others first. She has never once seen something and thought of herself first!

Her brother was very sick and needed a kidney so my mom donated her kidney to her brother so he could live a longer life!

She paid off her mom and dad’s house just so they didn’t have to worry anymore! She took care of her dad when he had cancer and kept a positive attitude and still continued to do things for others in such a hard time for her and all of us!

I can go on to the many great things my mother is. A letter just does no justice! But to whoever wins bless their heart because there are some amazing moms out there! Good luck!

Which outstanding mother should win the Mother's Day contest

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