Unrelated burglaries reported a day apart

SAFFORD – Authorities received reports of unrelated burglaries just a day apart beginning on Tuesday morning, August 28th,  around 10:00 am. A resident reported to police she was currently remodeling a residence that she had several employees doing the work. A couple of employees had been fired a few days prior. Multiple tools had been stolen, totaling an estimated amount of $649. The tools had reportedly been locked up, and there was no sign of forced entry that the officer could see.

The next morning, just before 10:00 am, a man reported to authorities that he noticed his truck window was down and he was missing a firearm that he keeps in his truck. The man told the officer that he locked the truck but left the window slightly down, and that someone must have forced the window down and taken the Smith and Wesson Bodyguard .380. The man was also missing his Motorcycle insurance card.