After shoplifting, man seeks to fight people in his path

SAFFORD – Authorities were dispatched to Walmart last Wednesday, just after 4:15 pm in reference to an assault taking place. When an officer arrived, a Walmart employee was seen on the ground, wrestling with a man as the employee was attempting to control the man’s arms. The officer grabbed onto the man’s arms as he identified himself as a police officer. The man was identified as Dylan Weightman, and while the officer was placing him into handcuffs, a strong odor of an alcoholic type beverage was noticeable.

The employee reported to the officer that they had contacted Weightman in the toy section where he was drinking a large bottle of rum. The employee stated the rum had been taken from the liquor aisle of the store. The employee removed the bottle from Weightman’s possession and told him to leave the store immediately. Weightman began to walk away, but then in the TV section, he began drinking from another bottle of rum that had been taken from the store also.  The employee again tried to remove the bottle, and a struggle ensued. The employee was able to retrieve the rum but Weightman reportedly pushed the employee and a Walmart security guard and then attempted to punch the employee.

Weightman appeared to the officer to be extremely intoxicated, making statements the officer was unable to understand. The officer transported Weightman to the hospital to be cleared to be booked into jail. According to the police report, while at the hospital, Weightman made various comments about wanting to fight the two officers present. He became confrontational with hospital staff, so the officers restrained Weightman to the bed for the staff’s safety. Weightman was then cleared and transported to the Graham County Jail.

While  the officer was filling out the booking paperwork at the jail, it was reported that Weightman stood up and removed his shirt, making statements that he wanted to fight the officer and other Detention Officers. He was then placed in handcuffs and escorted into a cell. The officer continued the booking paperwork when a struggle in the cell could be heard by the officer, and then a Detention Officer called for help over the radio. When the officer and a Sergeant entered the cell, two Detention Officers were in a physical struggle with Weightman and the officer attempted to gain control of his arms. Weightman was then tased by the Sergeant but he continued to attempt punching in their direction.

Weightman was ultimately restrained in a chair and cited for Assault, Disorderly Conduct, Fighting, and Shoplifting.