Trespasser booked on outstanding warrants

SAFFORD – On Sunday night, a Safford police officer observed a woman, known through prior police contact as Jennifer Tarlton, sitting in the drive through near the ATM machines at OneAZ Credit Union. The officer recalled that in the past Tarlton had been accused of begging for money at the ATM’s from customers as they used them. When the officer approached Tarlton, she said that she was waiting for her cousin to come and get her from an unknown address in Thatcher. The officer requested a warrants check, and was informed of her two outstanding warrants. As the officer was handcuffing Tarlton, it was also discovered that she had been previously trespassed from OneAz at the beginning of this year. Tarlton was transported to the Graham County Jail and booked on the warrants and also cited for trespassing.