Three coronavirus-related deaths in December thus far

- David Bell Graph/Gila Valley Central

SAFFORD — Graham County experienced another COVID-19 related death over the weekend, a Thatcher resident over the age of 65.

It was the third coronavirus-related death so far this month and the fourth over an eight-day stretch starting Nov. 28. In each instance, the victim was over the age of 65.

Despite the deaths involving those over 65, relatively few of December’s new cases involve those in that age group. As of Dec. 7, there were just 22 of December’s 183 new cases — or 12 percent — involving those age 65 and older.

That’s the second lowest total for any age group, just behind the 14 cases (8 percent) involving those 55 to 65 years old.

The age group experiencing the greatest number of cases is 20- to 44-years-old, which accounts for 91 of December’s 83 cases (50 percent), followed by those 45-54 with 29 (16 percent) and those younger than 20 with 26 (14 percent).

The number of new cases continues to outpace that of the county’s peak month of November, when there were 162 cases through the first seven days of the month.

Graham County’s total is now at 2,398, with a positivity rate of 25.2 percent.

Greenlee County

Greenlee County experienced nine new cases over the weekend.

Greenlee County Health Department reported five new cases Friday evening and four Saturday.

There have been 35 new cases in Greenlee County thus far in December.

Greenlee County’s total is at 297, with a positivity rate of 16.7 percent.