The AIA is looking for the best school spirit in Arizona

The Arizona Interscholastic Association in conjunction with the Student Leader Advisory Committee are looking for the best school spirit in all of Arizona. They are looking for a video to be produced and sent in before February 14th, 2020. There will be one big school winner(4A-6A) and one small school winner(1A-3A). Each winner will be awarded a grant in the name of their school from the AIA.

The entry requirements and guidelines are all listed below.

Requirements for Entry

1. One submission of a video of a maximum three minute length can be submitted only by the School Administration, not students, between February 1st and February 14th. **Entries will not be accepted after 4:00 p.m. on February 14th**

2. The video must be submitted to via Google Drive, DropBox, or a YouTube link along with the school name, name of submitter, the submitter’s role at the school, and the conference of the school (ex: 3AConference).

3. The video must feature at least four sports, team or individual.

4. The featured sports must include at least two girls’ sports and the other two boys’ sports. (Exception for one gender schools –must still include a minimum of four sports)

5. One student must be featured at least once in the video, in an interview format, speaking about the message the school wishes to convey with respect to school spirit, the unique nature of the school, and sportsmanship.


Authenticity of Spoken Message; What makes your school special and different from other schools? What makes you the strongest community?

Clarity of the School’s Message; The consistency of the spoken message with what is featured throughout the video. The message should carry through each aspect and each sport featured in a fluid way that avoids choppiness or discontinuity.

Energy of Students Featured in Video; This does not mean the amount of students at the game. In determining a winner, we value quality over quantity.

Creativity (NOT PRODUCTION VALUE); What sets your video apart from other videos either from a stylistic, layout, or content standpoint?

Extra Points; These points are not guaranteed and are based on the discretion of SLAC. They can be earned if the video demonstrates, in a tasteful manner, how some of the following examples contribute to school spirit and the students. Examples: Student Life, activities,academics,community involvement.

Scoring Guidelines

1 .The members of SLAC will use a ranking system for each category from 1 to 5. These scores will be collected and averaged.

2. Extra points will be decided by a majority vote of SLAC members.

3. The team with most points from each conference will be the winner of their conference.

4. Conference winners will be awarded banners signifying this school-wide accomplishment at the Student Leadership Summit, a representative to accept must be present at the Summit.

5. From the conference winners, two overall winners will be decided, one Small (1A -3A) and one Big School (4A-6A) Divisions. These two winners will each receive a grant from the Arizona Interscholastic Association for the following school year.