Suspicious vehicle driver arrested on multiple charges

SAFFORD – Last Friday, at approximately 4:30 pm, a Pima police officer spotted a suspicious vehicle and began following it, but had later lost sight of it. Deputies were requested to assist with locating the vehicle, which was later spotted on Safford Bryce Road. After catching up to the vehicle, a deputy conducted a records check on the license plate, which came back expired and registered to a completely different vehicle.

The deputy pulled the vehicle over and spoke with the driver who was identified as, Kenneth Babcock. When asked for his paperwork, Babcock, gave the deputy an AZ I.D. card and stated he did not have registration, due to a mix up with his mother’s vehicle. The deputy discovered, however, Babcock’s license had been suspended, which Babcock later stated he didn’t know. When the deputy asked if he knew about the registration, Babcock replied there had been a mix up with the titles with his mother’s vehicle. He was asked if the deputy could search his vehicle, but he declined.

Another deputy arrived on scene with his K-9 and Babcock was informed the dog would walk around his vehicle for an exterior plain air sniff, which Babcock was ok with. When the dog gave a positive alert on the vehicle for Narcotics, Babcock was informed deputies would be searching the vehicle.

Throughout the search, authorities located a plastic baggie containing a white substance, which later tested positive for meth; multiple open and unopened bottles of liquor, one which was still very cold and about 3/4 full; and a glass pipe with burnt residue. Babcock was placed under arrest for possession of dangerous drug, possession of drug paraphernalia, fictitious plates, no insurance, driving on a suspended license, and with an open container of alcohol. Babcock was booked in the Graham County Jail.