Sunday Night Slow Jam on Sunny 102.3

You can now hear Sunday Nite Slow Jams with R Dub! in the Gila Valley on Sunny 102.3. The show airs from 6pm until 10pm every Sunday night. Let R Dub! take you back in time with some of the greatest slow jams ever produced.

“I have so much love for my friends, family and listeners in Gila Valley. Arizona is my home and where my heart is,” said R Dub! “Thanks so much for listening to Sunday Night Slow Jams on Sunny 102!”


R Dub! was just 16 when he created Sunday Nite Slow Jams in the summer of 1994, and has since hosted and produced the show throughout the years.

Born in Chicago and growing up in L.A. and Orlando, Florida, R Dub! spent his time staying up late at night listening to various “Slow Jams” type radio shows around the country. He loved the music and the overall mood of Slow Jams, and at age 13 decided his dream was to host his own Slow Jam show.

At age 15, after moving to Tucson, Arizona with his family, R Dub! got his first chance in radio, volunteering at the local public radio station. Although he was on in the middle of the night, broadcasting out of a tiny radio station that didn’t have many listeners, he was happy to be playing his Slow Jams…and even if just one person was listening, he knew he was making a difference in their night!

By the time R Dub! was a junior in high school, he was the full-time Slow Jams show host at the local hip-hop station, where Sunday Nite Slow Jams was born in 1994.  As the years went by, and radio stations came and went, R Dub! managed to keep the Sunday Nite Slow Jams alive, taking them with him whenever he changed stations.

It was in 2001, that R Dub! spent a year constructing his own broadcast studio inside his home.  Shortly after the facilities were completed in 2002, Sunday Nite Slow Jams went national, debuting in two new markets: Tulsa, Oklahoma and Nogales, Arizona.

Today R Dub! is  living and working in San Diego, CA, where he is Program Director of radio stations and his Sunday Nite Slow Jams still airs every Sunday night can now be heard all across the country and around the world in over 50 cities.