Gila Idol Round 6 Tonight at OneAZ

Tonight is the last preliminary in the 2019 Gila Idol competition. As with prior preliminaries, three contestants will be selected as finalists for the Gila Idol final competition on Friday, March 29th. An alternate and several callbacks will also be selected.

Thirteen contestants are scheduled to compete in the sixth and final round of the Gila Idol preliminaries tonight at 6:30 p.m. at OneAZ Credit Union.

Contestants for tonight’s preliminary include:

  1. Reece Jarvis
  2. Danielle Richards
  3. Frank Adams
  4. Jessica Jones
  5. Ali Martinez
  6. Brian Flores
  7. Adriano Payton
  8. Eden McElderry
  9. Henry Guerrero
  10. Aubry Cook
  11. Leann Littleton
  12. Adam Smith
  13. Drakkar Snow

Judges for tonight’s competition are:

2008 Winner-Adam Crohn
2014 Winner-Olivia Jeffs
2017 Winner-Darryn Kamae

Performances for tonight’s event include:

2014 Winner-Olivia Jeffs
2016 Winner-Breanna Morris

Results for tonight’s competition will be posted on the GilaIdol page.

The next event will be Callback night at the Plank. Contestants that were selected as callbacks at the six previous preliminaries will compete against each other for one slot in the final competition, which will be held on Friday, March 29, 2019 at 7:00 p.m. at the David M. Player Center for the Arts.

An alternate will also be chosen right after Callback night. Videos of the alternates performances will be posted on GilaValleyCentral and the public will have the opportunity to vote for who they feel should continue on to the final competition.