School starts still on schedule

PHOENIX — With school in the Gila Valley set to begin next week, Gov Doug Ducey said there’s no change to the plan.

“Aug. 17 is the date that we set in terms of school beginning, but classes can start before that; it’s up to the superintendent. And Aug. 7 is the date that the guidance and metrics will come forward,” Ducey said.

Ducey said the state has put together “a menu of options” for parents sending their children back to school, including virtual learning, on-site support services and in-person teacher-led learning in the classroom.

“If you want to know what’s going on in your school district, please check your local website,” Ducey said.

In Safford the first day of school is Aug. 4, in Pima school starts Aug. 5 and in Thatcher the first day is Aug. 16.