SAR locates lost mountain biker

GRAHAM/GREENLEE COUNTY – A mountain biker who attempted to ride a trail from Eagle Creek in Greenlee County to the Safford Municipal Airport was located by Graham County Search and Rescue (SAR) in the early morning hours of Sept. 3.

William Stone, formerly of Mesa, was described by an acquaintance as an avid mountain biker. Stone recently relocated to Morenci.

According to a Graham County Sheriff’s Office report, Stone’s wife became concerned when her husband failed to show up at their meeting place. She said the last time she heard from Stone was at about 6 p.m. on Sept. 2 and that he was out of water.

An acquaintance also contacted the Sheriff’s Office and said Stone was likely somewhere between Midnight Canyon Trail and Grand Enchantment Trail.

The information was passed onto Lt. Jerry Nelson, coordinator of SAR. Nelson then had Stone’s cell phone pinged and used the global positioning system to lead rescuers to Stone’s location in the area of Midnight Canyon.

After about two hours of searching, Stone was found in good health and was brought back to Safford to be reunited with his wife.