Safford Police Officers finds illegal immigrants during traffic stop

A Safford police officer traveling northbound on Highway 191 observed a vehicle traveling 84 MPH in a 65 MPH zone.  She pulled the vehicle over.

The officer asked the driver for his driver’s license and found it had been expired since 2015. The man then presented a passport from Honduras.

There were two other adults in the vehicle and 4 children. One of the women was his wife and the other was his niece. Three of the children were his kids and one was his niece.

The man’s wife only had a Mexican I.D.  They told the officer that they were on their way to Amarillo, Texas.

The Officer had no choice but to contact Border Patrol in Willcox and have them send an agent to the area where the illegal immigrants were stopped. A short time later, a Border Patrol Agent arrived and the subjects were taken to the Willcox Border Patrol Station.