Safford Police Department receives grant for overtime pay

The Arizona Governor’s Office of Highway Safety (AZGOHS) recently awarded the Safford Police Department $10,000 in overtime funding for DUI/Impaired Driving enforcement. An additional $914.00 was awarded for the purchase of new Portable Breathalyzer Testers (PBTs) that will aid the department in DUI and impaired driver traffic stops.

In addition, the AZGOHS awarded $10,000 in overtime compensation to Safford officers to be used in the Selective Traffic Enforcement Program (STEP). This funding will make it possible for the Safford Police Department to place additional officers on our streets and highways to enforce traffic violations such as aggressive driving, speeders, red light violations, distracted drivers, seat belt, child-restraint and other traffic-related concerns.

The AZGOHS is a State Cabinet agency focusing on highway safety issues in Arizona. AZGOHS provides leadership by developing, promoting and coordinating programs, influencing public and private policy and increasing public awareness of highway safety.

In a press release regarding the funding award, the Safford Police Department said, “It is a continuing priority of the Safford Police Department to greatly reduce the number of DUI, impaired and aggressive drivers from our streets and highways. Without the ongoing assistance from the Arizona Governor’s Office of Highway Safety this undertaking would be much more challenging.

“Though times are challenging, it is the goal of the Safford Police Department to once again begin working with our local schools, community groups and media to increase awareness of the risks and consequences unlawful driving creates.

The Safford Police Department is committed to the safety of our motorists, pedestrians and cyclists. We extend our appreciation and gratitude to the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety and to AZGOHS Director, Alberto Gutier, for their ongoing support of our Law Enforcement officers and their commitment to safety.”