Safford Police called to Safe House for disorderly woman

A Safford Police Officer was dispatched to the Mt. Graham Safe House on 20th Avenue at around 8:19 pm on June 3rd, in reference to a woman who was causing a disturbance.

When the Officer arrived at the Safe House, he spoke with a Graham County Probation Officer.  The Probation Officer said that he had taken a woman who was on probation to a residence earlier in the evening after she had been released from the Graham County Detention Facility. The people at the residence did not want her there so he took her to the Graham County Safe House.

The woman began screaming and yelling, saying that she did not want to be at the Safe House. She then began walking from the Safe House, northward on 20th Ave.  The Officer lost track of the woman. More Safford officers began patrolling the area looking for the woman. She was found walking eastbound near the 1700 Block of Relation Street.

When she was found she was arrested again. A background check revealed the woman had two more warrants out for her arrest for shoplifting.

She was taken back to the Graham County Detention Center, yelling and screaming all the way, and booked for the warrants.