Safford Mayor Jason Kouts on the mend after fall at church rehearsal

File Photo/Gila Valley Central: Jason Kouts suffered a broken shoulder blade after suddenly passing out and falling from a stool during a church rehearsal Tuesday night.

By Jon Johnson

SAFFORD – Safford Mayor Jason Kouts has been released from the hospital after suffering a broken scapula (shoulder blade) when he suddenly lost consciousness and fell during a church rehearsal Tuesday night.

Kouts’ wife, Maria, reported that Jason has been put on seizure medication and will see a neurologist and cardiologist for follow ups.

Jon Johnson Photo/Gila Valley Central: Safford Mayor Jason Kouts, shown here with his wife, Maria, at the Graham County Fair Parade, will undergo more tests to attempt to see why he lost consciousness.

A video posted by Maria on Facebook shows Jason rehearsing a song for his church Tuesday night when he suddenly blacked out and fell completely limp, striking his head and shoulder on the stage. The fall from the stool he was sitting on had such an impact that it broke Jason’s shoulder blade.

Warning: The video below shows the graphic footage of Safford Mayor Jason Kouts’ injury.

Mayor Kouts was taken to Mt. Graham Regional Medical Center for the night and was released the following day. It is unknown why the mayor blacked out but one reported theory was that it might have been some sort of blood clot. While he has been released from the hospital, further tests will have to be performed to attempt to find the underlying ailment.