Safford man arrested for aggravated assault, disorderly conduct and not complying with court order

SAFFORD – Authorities were dispatched to a residence in the 100 Block of 8th Avenue at around 11:00 PM last Friday night in reference to group of people fighting in the front of a residence.

When officers arrived, witnesses stated that an adult male was fighting with another adult male, two young juveniles. and an adult female.

Apparently a man was attempting to parallel park his vehicle and hit a woman’s vehicle that was parked in front of the house. A man then came out of the house and started fighting with the driver.

Two juveniles jumped in, got punched and continued fighting with the man. The rest of the family got involved in the fight before Police arrived. The man who began punching the driver then ran into the house and hid in the bathroom shower.

Witnesses told Police that the man who was doing most of the fighting grabbed a woman who was involved in the fight by the hair and threw her out of the way.

The initiator of the fight was arrested and continued to cuss and insult the Safford Officers. A background check of the man revealed that he had multiple non-extraditable warrants for his arrest.

He was taken to the Graham County Detention Facility and was booked on multiple counts.