Safford LibraryCon Coming June 25th

For those who didn’t go last year, the LibraryCon is an event at the Safford Library featuring activities appealing to all types of fans. Adults and children are encouraged to dress up as their favorite fictional character. There is a green screen where people can superimpose backgrounds behind the person in the picture. This means that if you want to be standing on a high building or zooming through the sky, it would look like you’re doing it in the photo because of the green screen magic.


Fan Art

Fan Art

Lesley Ann Talley, the individual in charge of the librarycon says that it started because she went with her family to a comic con in the valley. “Our summer reading program theme was super heroes, and it was a good opportunity to bring a little piece of the comic con experience to the Gila Valley. It seemed like a perfect fit for the library,” Talley stated. “It gave us the opportunity to celebrate all the fandoms our patrons love and show off our Manga and graphic novel collections.” This single idea was a wild success, with many locals flocking to the library in the hopes to share in their love for their fandoms. “There are a few new things this year.” Talley said, “We have added a fan art competition for teens and adults, a Magic the Gathering tournament, and a zombie makeup demonstration. Other favorites like the cosplay competition and green screen will be returning as well. The other aspect of librarycon that I love is the appeal to a wide range of people. Just like our Star Wars Day event, everyone from toddlers to adults can find something to enjoy. To me, a library is all about bringing the community together. Safford librarycon is just one of many events at the Safford Library that can accomplish that goal. Plus it’s just plain fun!”


Fan Art by Emily East

For those who are unfamiliar with the term fan art, it is artwork created by the fans of fiction. Usually, the fiction is a visual media such as comics, movies, television shows, and video games. Because the art is made made by fans, it isn’t commissioned or endorsed by the creators of the original fictional work. People create fan art because they find it enjoyable. To put it simply, most artists like to draw what inspires them, and some artists are inspired by movies, games, and comics. “I’m most excited about the cosplay and fan art competitions,” Talley stated. “The creativity and artistry that goes into creating a great cosplay or piece of fan art always amazes me. We have a lot of talent in this valley, I’m excited to see what shows up for both of these events.” The librarycon will begin on June 25th at 2:00.

All fan art entries are due by noon on Thursday at the Safford Library by June 23.

Safford LibraryCon 2016 Fan Art Competition
Guidelines for Submission
Rules and Regulations for Submitting and Exhibiting Art at the Safford City-Graham County Library
Artwork must be two dimensional and ready to hang. Art submitted without mounting materials will be modified for hanging or hung with clips. There is a limit of three works per artist in total.
Artwork must be free from obscenity, nudity, and graphic violence.