Safford High School quells fears after ‘SHS’ referenced in alleged social media threat

High schools with the acronym SHS are on alert after a social media post referencing a threat to SHS.

The message apparently originated in Ohio and authorities in that area are investigating. School officials and police departments nationwide are making efforts to calm fears in their communities. Safford High School sent out a phone message to parents last night assuring students and parents that there is no credible threat to Safford High School. The school posted the same message on their website:

There is a viral post spreading across social media of a screen shot by a person named “Ray Andres” indicating that there is going to be a school shooting at “SHS” tomorrow.

This is a nation-wide post that originated in the State of Ohio, and has since spread concern and fear in every school in America with the acronym “SHS.”

There is NO CREDIBLE THREAT to any of our schools here in Safford. As always, the Safford Police Department and Safford Unified School District considers the safety of our school children our top priority. Thank you all for bringing this to our attention. Please help spread the TRUTH that there is no credible threat.