Safford Fire Department Receives Pride of Safford Award

Safford – Richard Ortega, Safford Vice Mayor, and the Pride of Safford Committee presented the Pride of Safford Award to the Safford Volunteer Fire Department for their volunteer service to our community. The backbone of the Department, however, has always been the men who serve in the rank and file.  Whether the call comes during the middle of the day or in the dead of night, the Safford Fire Department has answered the call for 101 years.  During that rich history and continued today, they have always been rated among the top Fire Departments in the nation saving the taxpayers untold millions of dollars throughout the years by maintaining a class 4 rating and always having many dedicated and courageous volunteers who answer the call day after day and night after night, leaving their jobs and their families at a drop of the hat when the fire whistle blows.  Through 101 years of this dedicated service The Safford Fire Department has always been the pride of Safford.