Woman asked to leave multiple businesses, arrested at third business

Authorities were called to the Dollar General In Pima on Sunday, June 3,  just before 10:00 AM, regarding a woman trespassing on the property. Police were unable to locate the alleged trespasser, identified as Evelyn Young.

Shortly before 2:00 PM on the same day, Safford Police responded to a complaint of an unwanted subject at Thriftee in Safford. The suspect, again, was Evelyn Young who had alluded authorities in Pima. According to the police report, Young was panhandling at the entrance of the store. The responding officer told Young to leave the property and she complied, leaving the area on foot.

Shortly after 2:00 PM, authorities were called the Giant gas station where Young was allegedly outside the store, being belligerent and refusing to the leave. A store employee told police that Young had entered the store and was told she was not allowed in the store, having been trespassed previously. Young apparently left the store and walked over to the gas pumps where she was seen going from car to car asking for money. A store employee again advised Young that she needed leave the property. Young, however, ignored the employee and walked over to the air pumps on the west side of the property where she continued asking people for money.

When Young was asked a third time to leave, she apparently responded with a string of profanity and racial slurs. When Young realized the police were being called to the location, she fled on foot and was apprehended a short distance away.

When questioned by police, Young denied being on the Giant property. The responding officer noted that Young smelled strongly of alcohol, used ‘a heavy amount of profanity and was yelling and becoming disorderly’ while being questioned. When police confirmed that Young was formally trespassed from the Giant property, she was placed under arrest.

Young allegedly continued yelling profanities at the officers as she was transported to the Graham County Jail. While there, Young continued to be non-compliant and had to be forcibly placed into the restraint chair. While at the jail, Young was served a criminal citation for Criminal Trespass 2nd Degree.