Runaway horse runs down Highway 70

Brooke Curley Photo/ Gila Valley Central: A runaway horse is cornered on 8th Street after its after-parade stroll.

SAFFORD – When one hears the clip-clop of horse hooves on the street but the parade is over, one might start to wonder if they have lost their mind.

On Friday morning after the Graham County Fair Parade, a horse decided that the route wasn’t long enough and headed off on its own down U.S. Highway 70. Hannah Keir had left the parade early to avoid delays, however, traffic slowed to a stop anyway because the runaway horse was in the road.

“I was westbound on the highway during the end of the parade,”Keir said. “The traffic had slowed; I looked ahead and there was a white horse with an empty saddle running down the middle of the highway. A guy on a bike herded the horse off the road. I was too far back to see where they went, but that was an awesome sight to end the parade! I am so glad the horse was not hit by a vehicle and everyone passing by slowed down for it.”

The horse’s joy ride ended on 8th Street near the intersection with U.S. Highway 191, where three police cars, a trailer and a truck pulled over to the side of the road and managed to take control of the horse.