Rule Changes for 2018 Football and Volleyball Season

Every year the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) meets to review current rules and to propose new changes for the upcoming season. Most recently the changes are backed by new studies about injuries and pace of play.

For the 2018 volleyball season a few minor rule tweaks have been made.

In Rule 10-2, after a team is charged with unnecessary delay, no further substitutions may be requested by that team until the next completed rally. This change eliminates further delay of the set by removing the option of requesting additional substitutions after a team is charged with an unnecessary delay.

The committee also approved a new rule, 11-5-3, which states that between sets, teams may warm up in their playing area; however, volleyballs may not be hit over the net.

On the football field for 2018 you will see just one major difference in the way officials award penalty yards on kickoffs and punts. In an effort to reduce re-kicks, further minimize risk and ensure that appropriate penalties are in place for all fouls, the committee has added an option for fouls committed by the kicking team during free and scrimmage kicks. The change would allow the receiving team all of the previous options as well as accepting the distance penalty at the end of the down.

The committee also clarified the defenseless player rule to state that it does not apply to a passer until a legal forward pass is thrown. The passer continues to be a defenseless player until the pass ends or the passer moves to participate in the play.