Car discovered stolen when man heads to work

SAFFORD – A Safford Police Officer was dispatched to a residence on 13th Place in response to a woman reporting a stolen vehicle at 3:00am, last Tuesday morning.

When the Officer arrived, he spoke to the woman who stated that her husband goes to work very early in the morning and she noticed that the car that her daughter usually drives was missing from their property. The woman told authorities that she first thought that her daughter was gone but she went into her daughter’s room and found her asleep.

Then the woman thought that her daughter’s estranged husband – who had a key to the vehicle – might have taken the vehicle without permission. She said that the estranged husband might have taken the vehicle to Clifton or to a friend’s house in Daley Estates.

The vehicle was described as a black Chevy Cavalier with a “Steeler’s” decal on the back.

The Officer asked a Thatcher Police Officer to check Daley Estates and that Officer did not find the vehicle.

The Safford Officer had dispatch enter the vehicle as stolen and notify the Greenlee County Sheriff’s Office and Clifton Police to watch out for the vehicle.

The Safford Officer filled out the stolen vehicle report and had the daughter sign it. He asked her to call back if she hears any more information on the vehicle.