Ranking Arizona’s Supernatural Hotspots – Phoenix, Tucson and Mesa Position Top 3

Recently, a whistleblower told Congress that the US is concealing a ‘multi-decade’ program that captures UFOs and evidence of the supernatural.

As more reports emerge, bookmakers find themselves slashing odds of discovering extra-terrestrial life, with the United States at +1200 to be the country to find evidence first (China, India and Russia all tied for second at +1500).

While many are still on the lookout, with reported sightings coming in daily, do some US states and cities offer you a better chance of experiencing the supernatural than others? With spooky season around the corner, there’s no better time to find out!

By analyzing UFO and ghost sighting reports across the US, BetArizona found the locations with the greatest chance of seeing something spooky.

Arizona has reportedly experienced 5,670 total sightings (the 10th highest in America), meaning 0.0793% of residents have encountered the supernatural (15th highest in America).

Below are Arizona’s top 10 most supernatural locations (combined UFO and ghost sightings):

RankCityGhostUFOCombined Sightings

New research reveals the states most likely to encounter a supernatural sighting

  • A new report has uncovered the areas across America where residents are most likely to see the supernatural.
  • California is crowned the extraterrestrial capital with 15,901 UFO encounters, with Texas being home to the most spirit sightings (7,517).
  • Those in Maine have the greatest chance of spotting something spooky, with 0.144% of the population seeing something.

From aliens to ghosts, the notion of the supernatural has often been a talking point in the US, with many searching for proof that paranormal beings exist. And with reports highlighting the growing potential of non-earth life discovery, where might be the best place to spot a sighting of the supernatural for yourself?

New researchby BetArizona has revealed the states across America with the most supernatural sightings, as well as the chances of spotting something spooky.

California and Texas are America’s leading supernatural states

Those in California have reported the most UFO encounters across the US, with a total of 15,901 sightings since records began. Florida and Washington come in second and third with 8,090 and 7,076 sightings, respectively. Comparatively, North and South Dakota residents sit at the bottom of the list with only 272 and 384 sightings reported.

Texas has been crowned the spookiest state, as it takes the top spot for paranormal encounters with 7,517 sightings. California comes in at a close second place with 7,184 sightings. Those residing in Delaware and Hawaii are the least likely to experience something that goes bump in the night, with only 133 and 192 reports of spirits, respectively.

The table below shows the top-10 US states in order of supernatural sightings:

RankStateUFO SightingsGhost SightingsSightings of the Supernatural
5New York5,7712,1577,928

Where do you have the greatest chance of seeing the supernatural?

Thrill-seekers in Maine are in luck, with the state coming in as the most likely to spot the supernatural, with 0.1441% of residents encountering something spooky – Vermont (0.1308%) and Montana (0.1267%) place second and third, respectively.

Looking at the other end of the list, those in New York who have the worst chance (0.0392%) when it comes to UFOs and ghosts, with Louisianna (0.0393%) and Georgia (0.0418%) following behind.

After comparing sightings of the supernatural with population data, these are the top 10 states with the greatest chances of spotting something spooky:

RankStateChance of Spotting the Supernatural*
7New Hampshire0.1069%
8New Mexico0.1068%

*Percentage of residents who seen the supernatural (based on sightings and population).


UFO sightings were taken from National UFO Reporting Center and ghost reports were taken from Ghosts of America


To collect the data, BETArizona analyzed the number of UFO and ghost sightings and then compared this to population data in each state, to determine the odds of a supernatural sighting. 

Data correct as of 10th September 2023.