Police pull over woman with revoked license, catch man with warrant

On Monday at approximately 2:30 am, a Safford police officer observed a vehicle pull into a gas station on Highway 70. The officer recognized the woman driving and knew that her driver’s license had been revoked.

The officer pulled into the parking area as the occupants of the car got out. The driver, identified as Jennifer Fernandez, went into the store and the officer confirmed that her license had been revoked. Two more officers arrived on the scene and spoke to the passengers while the first officer on the scene spoke to Fernandez. When Fernandez came out of the store, the officer explained to her that her driver’s license was revoked. While he was filling out a citation for the driver, he noticed the other two officers struggling with a man at the front door of the store. The man had apparently given them a false name. He was identified as Anthony Serna, and had a Greenlee County Superior Court probation violation warrant.

Serna was arrested, Fernandez was given a citation for driving on a revoked license and the vehicle was towed from the scene. The other passengers left the area.