Police find drugs when tipped off to suspicious activity

SAFFORD –  On Saturday, Safford police responded to a report of suspicious activity at a house on West Drive. Officers contacted a male sitting in the driver seat of a green car in front of the house, that as they approached could see the man stuff a plastic bag with a green substance inside, under his leg. The officer asked if it was drugs and the man said that it was. He was asked to pull the drugs out to show the officer and the man did. The investigator saw the man had a plastic bag containing a green leafy substance consistent with marijuana and a wood pipe with green leafy substance inside. He was asked if he had a medical marijuana card to which he said that he did not. The man was identified with a Washington drivers license, as William Guynup.

Another officer contacted a woman known to them through prior police contact, as Donna Clonts, coming out of the house. They explained why the police had been called to the area and informed her that the man in the car was found in possession of drugs and asked if she would be involved with anything similar and she said that she was not. The officer noticed her holding a black purse. They asked her if she had anything illegal in the purse and if they could search it. She stated there was nothing illegal in the purse and that they could search it. While she stood with the officer, a grey pouch with a glass pipe and a bag of white crystal like substance were located inside. She admitted that it was her methamphetamine. While claiming multiple items in the car were hers, when asked if there were any more drugs in the house, she said there were not, and that the detective could check. The detectives were taken to a bedroom that Clonts said was hers, where a glass pipe and multiple bags commonly used to package drugs were located in a black case. In a guitar case they found a large bag with several smaller bags inside containing a green leafy substance consistent with marijuana. Clonts said it belonged to Guynup.

The officer asked Guynup if he had any property in the house and specifically the guitar case and he said that the case was his. When he was asked about the marijuana inside he said it was for personal use and that he bought it legally in the state of Washington.

Guynup was cited and released for possession of marijuana. Clonts was taken to the police department and a request for charges of possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of dangerous drugs was made.