Police catch convenience store shoplifters

SAFFORD – A clerk at a convenience store on Thatcher Boulevard contact police Sunday morning to report two shoplifters who had walked out of the store with merchandise.  It was reported that a male, recognized as Albert Rodriguez, and female had come into the store. Rodriguez was seen grabbing items off the shelves and putting them in a bag he had brought in with him, and also putting items in his waist band. Some of the items witnessed being shoplifted were, a King Size Reese’s peanut butter cup, Frito Chili Cheese chips, a 20 oz. Coke and a Liter Dr Pepper. The total amount of the items came to $8.16. When the responding officer observed the store video of the incident, the female was later identified. Rodriguez and the female could be seen leaving the store heading East.

The officer went to a nearby motel to see if they were staying there. It was reported that a room was registered in the female’s name. The officer knocked on the room but no one answered, however, the curtains were open. Another officer arrived and began knocking and announcing who they were, telling Rodriguez to open the door. He came to the door and informed authorities they were in the shower and could not hear them knocking. Immediately, an officer saw the stolen items on the table in the room. When Rodriguez was asked if those were the items from the store, he stated yes and that he was sorry for stealing them. Rodriguez asked if he could go back and pay for the items, but instead, he was informed that he and the female are now trespassed from the store. Rodriguez was also cited for shoplifting.