October town hall to propose private adult trade school in Safford

Hydroponics is one of the areas of study a proposed adult trade school in Safford will discuss at a town hall meeting Oct. 5 at the General Services Building. - Jatuphon Buraphon Photo/Pexels

TUCSON — A company that in the past focused on marketing and as a business consultant, now has plans to develop a trade school in Safford.

B2B Companies LLC will host a town hall meeting in Safford on Thursday, Oct. 5, from 6-8 p.m., at the Graham County General Services Building.

The town hall will focus on education and mental health services in rural communities. Scheduled to speak are Graham County Supervisor Paul David and state Sen. David Gowan.

Rose M. Cain, the CEO of B2B Companies LLC, told Gila Valley Central the school will be private, and serve adults between the ages of 18 and 40. She said there are 27 people on the board, and the effort has the support of Dr. Murat Kacira, the director of the University of Arizona’s Controlled Environmental Agricultural Center; and filmmaker Camille Janiffa Bradshaw.

Gila Valley Central’s attempts to contact Kacira and Bradshaw were not immediately successful.

A press release said the company “hopes to open avenues for students to study aquaponics, hydroponics, drones and robotics,” with an emphasis on “green technologies and protecting Earth’s natural resources.”

The release states B2B Companies has outlined funding goals and plans for building the school; however, amounts, funding sources and location were not disclosed. The release also states the company has “received support from lawmakers, investors, contractors and researchers.”

B2B Companies LLC registered with the Arizona Corporation Commission in 2018, and Cain’s LinkedIn account describes the company as a business consultant helping businesses evaluate their workers compensation insurance policies.

Cain said she grew up in the Clifton/Morenci area and graduated from Thatcher High School.