Nutrition and health coach relocates to Main Street

Brooke Curley Photo/Gila Valley Central: Nutritionist and Health Coach Leiah Layton stands in her office at Creative Flow Studio.

By Brooke Curley

SAFFORD – No fad diets, no products, and no pills. Leiah Layton aims to aid her clients in achieving their weight and health goals through nutrition education and lifestyle adjustments.

Working within the Creative Flow Studio at 518 W. Main St. in Safford, Layton gives group health coaching classes and personal coaching sessions. Having worked in the Gila Valley for a number of years already, Layton has a bachelors degree in healthy lifestyle coaching and nutrition from Arizona State University. Also, Layton is a certified personal trainer.

Although the fad diets come and go, Layton ’s method of nutrition with intention aids individuals in making positive dietary and lifestyle changes to last a lifetime. To put it simply, a lifestyle and nutritional coach educates their clients to eat healthily, and keep their bodies balanced and happy through a healthy lifestyle.

When asked why she wanted to become a lifestyle and nutritional coach, Layton said she was always drawn to nutrition and food. This interest in food coincides with her love of working with people and helping them attain their goals.

“I really enjoy food,” Layton said. “I enjoy cooking, and I like working with people and learning more about them. I like understanding what motivates people to accomplish goals. It can be really hard to lose weight. It’s hard to lose 10 pounds. Why can some people do it and some people can’t? I like to find out what makes that one person tick and what is going to help them get them across that finish line. Everyone is unique. I just believe that there’s value in investing in others to be the best that they can.”

Layton told Gila Valley Central that as a coach she is a source of constant support for her clients. Although many individuals may go to the doctor to ask for health and weight solutions, Layton said that a lifestyle and nutrition coach is more readily available when needed for daily support.

“We support our clients to achieve their health goals through lifestyle and behavior modifications,” she said. “An added bonus of going to a health coach is we have the time to listen, whereas a lot of the time a doctor does not. They’re rushed and trying to get to the next patient. We’re there along the path. Whereas you might see your doctor once a month, I meet with my clients at least once a week, and then I’m always a text or a phone call away. I interact with my clients daily.”

Contributed photo/Courtesy Leiah Layton: Layton works as an educator for those who struggle to feed themselves properly, and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Even though her clients come to her to help them solve their weight and health issues, Layton does not confine her clients to fad diets. Layton also told Gila Valley Central that she does not have her clients take any expensive products to aid in weight loss. Instead, she offers to help them plan healthy meals, provides accountability, and is always just a text or phone call away for support.

“It really is about adapting a healthy lifestyle and moderation,” she said. “A lot of people would say no more soda, no more sugar. I’m not about that. I say ‘This is where you are. What can we do to begin making better choices?’ This is not a fad diet. It’s not a quick fix, but it’s something that’s making a lasting change and lasting lifestyle improvements. It’s a way of life.”

Nutrition is Layton’s main focus, and she works with families as well as individual clients. However, weight loss is not the defining factor of her client base. Instead, Layton can aid her clients to overcome a plethora of physical and mental ailments. When it boils down to it, everything Layton does helps individuals manage their own goals without introducing anything extreme.

“I have clients who are losing weight, individuals as well as families, and I have individuals who are trying to overcome the emotional trauma that has led to unhealthy behaviors in their life,” Layton said. “I also have another person who came to me looking for specific tools to managing anxiety.”

Layton offers a free, 30-minute consultation to individuals who are interested in working to better their lifestyle and nutritional habits with her as their coach. Also, on Sept. 5, Layton will be starting a group health coaching class located in the Creative Flow Studio at 7:30 p.m. every Tuesday. For more information visit

There will be a private weigh-in before each class, and the class will receive a healthy eating guideline afterward. The first class will be focused on the differences between dieting and nutrition, followed by what it means to build a solid foundation of confidence.

To reach Leiah Layton with Nutrition with Intention call (480)861-1081 or visit The Creative Flow Studio is located at 518 W. Main St. in Downtown Safford.

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