Naked homeless man appears at Circle K

Brooke Curley File Photo/Gila Valley Central: Police are cracking down on drinking alcohol at the city's parks.

By Jon Johnson

SAFFORD – Late-night clerks at the Circle K near Firth Park have seen it all and sometimes it is a bit too much.

On Tuesday, a naked homeless man wandered into the convenience store at 1123 W. Thatcher Blvd. at about 9:44 p.m. and asked the clerk to call the police for him. The clerk said the man didn’t appear to be intoxicated and thought perhaps he had been robbed.

Upon arrival, the man said a homeless man and woman had ripped his clothes off him and left his standing naked in the street. He said he had been drinking alcohol with the woman earlier and that they soon had an altercation.

The woman told another officer that after the fight she demanding he return the clothes he was wearing because she had purchased them. She said he then took off all his clothes himself and walked toward the Circle K.

When confronted with her side of the story, the man allegedly admitted she had purchased the clothes and, with a laugh, said he had indeed taken them off himself.

The officer then had the man put his clothes back on and informed him not to walk around naked because he could be arrested for indecent exposure if someone was offended and wanted to press charges. The man then left the area.