Mt Graham Regional Medical Center Receives Bomb Threat

Safford Police Officers were called to Mt. Graham Regional Medical Center on Thursday, December 13th, in reference to someone who sent an email that said there was a bomb in the building and if the hospital didn’t pay a ransom, the sender would blow up the building.

The email also claimed that there was someone watching the building and instructed hospital personnel to not call the police.

Safford Police responded and met with hospital administrators and personnel.

The Officers were provided a copy of the threatening e-mail and asked that the individual department heads be notified and perform and “walk through” of their departments to see if there was anything that looked like a bomb. Maintenance and security personnel checked other areas.

Hospital I.T. specialists attempted to track the e-mail and determined that it was a fake account.

Authorities contacted the FBI who advised them that similar e-mails had been sent out to multiple businesses around the country.

It was determined that the e-mail was not a credible treat and nothing resembling a bomb was found on or around the hospital property.