Minor accident nets illegal resident

Safford – Police were called to Walmart in reference to a private property accident on Tuesday. The accident involved employees who were working on the parking lot. One of the workers was riding through the parking lot in the back of a truck and was leaning out of the bed of the truck, setting buckets of paint in various locations. At one point as the man was leaning out of the truck, the driver accelerated too quickly and the man in the back fell out and hit his head. The injured man was transported to Mount Graham Regional Medical Center for evaluation.

When officers asked the driver of the pickup truck for his license, he gave them a Mexican ID. Police asked for U.S. documents but the man said he didn’t have any. Border Patrol officials were contacted and asked to run the man’s name through their system. They did not have any record of the man.

The man was taken to the Safford Police station where he was picked up by a Border Patrol agent who took him to the Willcox Station to further investigate his legal status in the United States.

There was no report on the condition of the man who fell out of the pickup truck.