Man arrested for trespassing too drunk to go to jail

Safford – Police responded to a convenience store on Highway 70 Friday evening where a native American man was allegedly harassing patrons for money. While the officer was en route, he was advised that the man was in the parking lot, walking up to people’s vehicles.

Police made contact with the man, identified as Sonny Jones, whom they had prior contact with. The officer asked Jones if he knew he was trespassed from the property. Jones answered, “yes.” The officer checked dispatch for any warrants for Jones, but there were none. Furthermore, the officer was advised that Jones was not trespassed from that particular location.

The officer advised Jones that he was trespassed from that location and advised the store clerk as well. The clerk told the officer that Jones had been in the store and was very disruptive.

About a half hour later, the officer was called back to the store because Jones was allegedly back in the store, causing problems. By the time authorities arrived, Jones was walking away from the store. When asked why he went back into the store after he had been trespassed, Jones said that he went in to see what time it was.

Jones was arrested and placed in the back of a patrol car. The officer noticed the odor of an alcoholic beverage emanating from him.

Upon arrival at the jail, Jones was given a breath test, which indicated that his blood-alcohol level was .309. The jail staff could not take him with such a high level, so Jones was given a citation for trespassing and released.