Man scares off ‘Alex’ by firing weapons in his own home

GRAHAM COUNTY — A man convinced someone was trying to break into his home wound up shooting a door and a window.

Graham County Sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to a residence on State Route 366 in reference to a possible burglary. They spoke with the home owner, who said he was in the bath when he heard “Alex” break into the primary bedroom and try to cut the lock into the bathroom.

The man said he retrieved a rifle from another bedroom and fired a single shot through a door, prompting “Alex” to escape through the back of the house.

Deputies said there were no signs of break-in or anyone exiting the rear of the home. They asked the man if he’d seen “Alex” and the man responded that he hadn’t, but “he knows what Alex sounds like.”

While searching for signs of a break-in, deputies saw a window that also appeared to be shot. The man said that happened the previous night, when “Alex” was trying to pull the cables and TV through the window. Again, the man said he didn’t see anyone, but he heard “Alex” so he fired his rifle.

Deputies contacted the man’s adult son, who said his father had started a new medication. The son said he would come to the home to check on his father.