Man in critical condition after self-inflicted gunshot to his head

By Jon Johnson

GRAHAM COUNTY – A man remains in critical condition in a Tucson hospital after suffering an apparent self-inflicted gunshot to his head.

According to Graham County Sheriff Office reports, County Dispatch received a report of a man believed to be deceased at about 8:39 p.m. on May 15.

Upon arrival to the residence on Cactus Road, first responders discovered Michael Hart slumped over while still partially seated in a chair at a computer; a Springfield XD series pistol was on the ground in a pool of blood. Another firearm, an AR-15 rifle, was also discovered in the room.

As the deputy reached out to check on Hart’s condition, he noticed a bullet wound that was bleeding from the left side of Hart’s head. He also saw Hart still appeared to be breathing and quickly discovered the victim still had a strong pulse.

Paramedics rushed Hart to the Emergency Room at Mt. Graham Regional Medical Center, where he was treated for the single gunshot wound to his head. Hart was then flown to Banner – University Medical Center Tucson, where, as of Thursday night, he was listed as being in critical condition.

Hart lived at the residence with two roommates, who said he suffered from a variety of health-related problems, and even though he had talked about possibly committing suicide in the past didn’t think he would actually do something like that.

The evening of the incident, one of the roommates was already asleep and the other was getting ready for bed when he heard a pop like a gunshot from Hart’s room. The roommate then found Hart and believed him to be dead, so he called 911.

The other roommate said she didn’t believe Hart would go through with something like that because even though he contemplated suicide previously he said he was afraid he wouldn’t end up dying in the attempt.