Man catches neighbor stealing power

On Tuesday, a man went to work on a home he had just purchased and found an extension cord plugged in below his meter box running to a neighboring house. The man told authorities that he shut off power to the extension cord, then saw two young children from the neighboring residence come out to check the extension cord. They apparently walked the line of the extension cord toward the man’s house until they say him, then ran back to the neighboring house. A short time later, the man saw the children and a woman get into a car and drive away.

The man told authorities that he did not want to press charges but wanted his neighbors to know that they can no longer get power from his residence. The man said he was planning to lock the power box and get some security cameras.

The responding deputy made contact with a man at the neighboring home who stated that he was unaware that somebody had run an extension cord to the neighbor’s house. He said that if he had known, he would have disconnected it. The deputy told the resident that there would be no charges at that time but that the victim wanted to make sure that it didn’t happen again. The neighbor assured the deputy that he would look into the matter and that it would not happen again. The deputy advised the man that if it did happen again, possible charges would include theft of utilities and trespassing.